• A DOMINANT 48V ELECTRIFICATION STRATEGY REQUIRES STANDARDS The amount of carbon dioxide produced by new cars rose last year - reversing at least seven years of steady declines of GHGs in many countries.Fortunately there is a fix ...
    Postat la 11 sept. 2018, 02:43 de către Emil Francu
  • EVOLUTION OF 48V SYSTEMS - CONNECTING THE DOMAINS OF POWERTRAIN AND POWER SUPPLY FORD – Evolution of 48V systems - connecting the domains of powertrain and power supply
    Postat la 11 sept. 2018, 02:27 de către Emil Francu
  • 4th International Conference Automotive 48 V Power Supply Systems Berlin, 29 – 30 November 2016 Valeo Powertrain Systems - France
    Postat la 11 sept. 2018, 02:16 de către Emil Francu
  • Electrification in the Aftermath of the Diesel Scandal The first series production cars to incorporate 48 V technology in one form or another have hit the road in recent times, and further integration of 48 V architecture is ...
    Postat la 11 sept. 2018, 01:56 de către Emil Francu
  • Will Robocars Need More than Ethernet? Denso joins HDBaseT AutomotivePARIS — A cross-industry group promoting a standard called HDBaseT announced last week that Denso, a big tier one in Japan, has joined the group as ...
    Postat la 16 aug. 2018, 07:14 de către Emil Francu
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  • Simulating Radar for Driving Autonomy  Though many of us probably first encountered radar in a movie involving warships and submarines — the radar beam represented by a line sweeping clockwise around a circular monitor, with an ...
    Postat la 7 iul. 2018, 17:46 de către Emil Francu
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