• Will Robocars Need More than Ethernet? Denso joins HDBaseT AutomotivePARIS — A cross-industry group promoting a standard called HDBaseT announced last week that Denso, a big tier one in Japan, has joined the group as ...
    Postat la 16 aug. 2018, 07:14 de către Emil Francu
  • VISTA – the world’s biggest competition for automotive technicians This week the final round of the world’s biggest skills competition for automotive technicians was arranged in Curitiba, Brazil. This year’s Volvo International Service Training Awards (VISTA) involved ...
    Postat la 7 iul. 2018, 17:11 de către Emil Francu
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  • Simulating Radar for Driving Autonomy  Though many of us probably first encountered radar in a movie involving warships and submarines — the radar beam represented by a line sweeping clockwise around a circular monitor, with an ...
    Postat la 7 iul. 2018, 17:46 de către Emil Francu
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